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California Victims Compensation Board

Centro de Desarrollo Familiar provides therapy services to Victims of Violent Crimes. A crime can have severe effects on a victim, including nightmares, low frustration tolerance, sleeping difficulties, feelings of depression and anxiety, fear, and hypervigilance.


Centro de Desarrollo Familiar is dedicated to help those victims, as well as their families, who have suffered an emotional injury as a result of a crime.


If you are a victim of crime or a family member of a victim, you may be eligible to receive counseling at Centro de Desarrollo Familiar through the California Victims Compensation Program(CalVCP). CDF offers low cost services. CalVCP may reimburse eligible clients for the fees for services rendered.

Low Cost Services

Treatment Offered:


  • Individual Counseling

  • Support Groups



Pricing for our Programs

  • Ranging from $25-$125 depending on the program, due at the time of each visit. 


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