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Family/Children's Program

***Families' eligible for our program have been victims of crimes including but not limited to domestic violence, child abuse, child endangerment, sexual abuse, assault, attempted murder, and murder.  Please contact office (323)589-1902 for further eligibility questions.*** 

**Due to the COVID Pandemic, many of our programs are being offered via telehealth.  For in person services, client's need to be fully vaccinated.  At home counseling is currently not available.**

Children's Individual Therapy

Therapy sessions are available for children aged 3-18.  Therapists work with kids who have been exposed to domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and other crime-related traumatic events.  Therapists help children with coping skills, self-regulation, behavioral modification, self esteem, safety, social skills, strengthening verbalization skills, and communication.  Our therapists use various types of interventions including:  Trauma Focused CBT, art therapy, play therapy, music therapy, bibliotherapy,  and client centered therapy.  Therapy sessions are available in English and Spanish, Monday-Saturdays, afternoons and evenings.


14 Week Parenting Class 

Parenting class is a One Hour class that costs each participant $15 per week (works on a sliding scale based on documentation of income).  This class focuses on educating parents about child abuse prevention.  Parents work on communication skills, behavior modification, coping mechanisms, and setting limits and boundaries.  The group educates parents on what are different types of abuse and neglect.


Sexual Abuse Awareness

This is a 2 hour class, it provides information and coping skills to parents whose children have already experienced sexual abuse.  It focuses on psychoeducation, prevention, and parenting skills.  The class is 26 weeks in length, run by a licensed Therapist/Psychologist, and for women only.  This program is currently only available in Spanish.  The cost for this program is $30 per session.


Our Programs

Victims Program
Individual Therapy

Our Therapists come from all sorts of backgrounds; they specialize in trauma focused interventions while working with our clients on safety and understanding topics related to domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and other violent crimes. Therapy sessions are available in English and Spanish, Monday-Saturdays, afternoons and evenings.


Counseling for Battered Women

This program includes comprehensive group counseling and individual therapy sessions focusing on safety, red flags, triggers, diagnoses, self esteem, empowerment, anger management, and life skills.  Groups are 1.5-2 hours long and available in English and Spanish.  Individual sessions are 45 minutes long.


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Aggressors' Program
Domestic Violence/Anger Management 2 hours in length and costs $30 per session
Child Abuse Prevention Program is 2 hours in length and costs $30 per session
(sliding scale available based on need and proof of hardship).
Anger Management

The anger management program works with individuals in a group setting to improve  communication skills, identify stress levels, and develop coping techniques and mechanisms.  Available for men at our Huntington Park location, in English and Spanish.  Available for women at our Huntington Park Location, in Spanish only.  Additional offerings to be determined by demand.


52 Week Domestic Violence Batterers' Intervention Program

Domestic Violence Batterers' Intervention program is approved by California Department of Probation.  This class is designed for male and female perpetrators of Domestic Violence.  The men's program is available at our Huntington Park Office, in English and Spanish.  The women's group is only available in Spanish at our Huntington Park Office.  Additional offerings to be determined by demand.


52-Week Child Abusers Intervention Program

The Child Abusers Intervention Program is approved by California Department of Probation.  This class is designed for perpetrators of physical abuse against a child.  This group works with parents on understanding different types of abuse, anger management, coping mechanisms, parenting skills, behavior modification, identifying triggers, appropriate forms of discipline, and focuses on the importance of safety in the home.  This class is available to men and women, in Spanish only, at our Huntington Park office.  Additional offerings to be determined by demand.

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